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Personalized Care and Guidance

Perhaps you've been struggling for a long while, or you're just at a place where you know something is 'off' in your connections.  Thank you for making time to reflect and begin the work of change!  

I look forward to taking time with you to discover the patterns of behavior, thinking and feeling that have been your relationship culture.  We can work together to decide what is working for you and what might be working against your intentions.  You'll get to know my culture as well, and some of it will work for you and some might work against my intentions.  We'll develop a relationship that can handle giving and receiving feedback and navigating difference in order to establish a real connection between us that can catalyze change.   


While we're establishing a connection, we'll focus on:

  • naming the relational processes that have caused the invisible 'stuckness' we all fall into when managing life's persistent problems

  • learning about the changing circumstances you want to navigate with new skills

Then we will work together to develop a clear plan for change.  


We offer marriage and family therapy, individual counseling, life coaching and recreational life coaching.

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