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Family Portrait

It was supposed to be fun!  We were going to be connected and have a memory to cherish.  Now we're all mad and irritable and there's no relief in sight.  What's worse is that we're getting used to it.


Maybe it's become clear that one of the children is struggling.  Isolation or emotional outbursts are beginning to concern parents, teachers or friends. 


Or there is a lifecycle change: someone moves out, someone moves in, there's been a death in the family, divorce, blending families, adoption, the whole family moved, miscarriage, teens are launching (or not launching), grandparents moved in, there's been a diagnosis, etc. and the adjustment has everyone in their corners or at each other's throats.


There are lots of good reasons to come to family therapy!  We function as an ecosystem.  The health of the family is in the depth and quality of our connections to one another and our community supports. But many of us haven't ever experienced healthy family life.  Let me support you in developing the family connection you've been longing for.     

I recommend meeting for 50 minutes as families with children ($175 or we can explore insurance).  Meeting with just parents for 50 minutes may also be appropriate ($150). 

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