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Trauma Work

Since we cannot perfectly prepare or protect our children, we have to support them in developing the skills to navigate the inevitable trauma and tragedy life puts in our paths.  Trauma symptoms can manifest as behavior problems, distorted thinking or emotional withdrawal or disruptions. 


With a supportive caregiver, I can teach coping strategies to stabilize the child or adolescent.  Then we can work together to write or draw a narrative representation of the trauma experienced in order to develop a clear picture of what happened and how it impacted the child or adolescent's thinking, feeling, and behaviors.  Next we can collaborate to create a corrective emotional experience with the caregiver that melts defenses and restores connection. Finally, we will imagine how to extend changes into new life situations. 

If you are an adult looking for trauma treatment, please reach out for a consultation so that I can ensure that I can meet your needs within my scope of practice or refer you to a colleague.

This process takes a minimum of 24 sessions and requires a blend of individual ($120) and relational ($150) sessions based on age and development of the child.  Insurance is also an option we can explore.

Man Carrying Child in Arms

Love wins every time it persists through pain.

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