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  • We're thinking about getting married, but how do we 'know'?

  • How do we manage our families?

  • We're married now, but it doesn't always feel like it.

  • We were in sync and felt attuned to one another, but something has changed and we can't seem to get in step. 

  • Our connection has become stale.

  • Did we always feel this distant?

  • I just know I can't rely on her/him.

  • There's been an affair.

  • S/he just doesn't understand me.

  • This diagnosis changes everything.

  • Why are we together now?

There are so many good reasons to come to couples therapy! We are wired to create intimate lasting connections, but most of us come to adulthood without the skills or experience to create them confidently.  Let me support you in developing the love relationship you've been longing for. 

I recommend 50 minute sessions for couples ($150 or we can explore insurance).

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Was it always this hard to make decisions together?

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